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    In Select Theaters May and on Netflix May 21.
    From filmmaker Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Zack Snyder’s Justice League), ARMY OF THE DEAD takes place following a zombie outbreak that has left Las Vegas in ruins and walled off from the rest of the world. When Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), a former zombie war hero who’s now flipping burgers on the outskirts of the town he now calls home, is approached by casino boss Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada), it’s with the ultimate proposition: break into the zombie-infested quarantine zone to retrieve $200 million sitting in a vault beneath the strip before the city is nuked by the government in 32 hours. With little left to lose, Ward takes on the challenge, assembling a ragtag team of experts for the heist. With a ticking clock, a notoriously impenetrable vault, and a smarter, faster horde of Alpha zombies closing in, only one thing’s for certain in the greatest heist ever attempted: survivors take all.
    Starring Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Matthias Schweighöfer, Nora Arnezeder, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tig Notaro, Raúl Castillo, Huma Qureshi, Samantha Win, Michael Cassidy, Richard Cetrone, and Garret Dillahunt.
    About Netflix:
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    Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix
    After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.

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    1. smoker Ali Nowizzy


    2. Nicolas Goldring

      What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

    3. Liam Ayson

      So gutted Chris D’elia isn’t in it

    4. Randall Reyes


    5. Jordan Maxwell


    6. Peter_Panda

      Im confused but excited?? Thought this was a heist movie but still looks interesting

    7. MexicanReformist

      Looks fun to watch

    8. ThirdWorldChaos

      I want to see the D'Elia cut.

    9. Pollob Kumar - 1960

      Copied from the scene of game of Thrones 🥴

    10. Asadollah Zarei

      "A simple in and out"

    11. Rutuja Rokade

      2:38 nails in bat?? That thing's not a stranger Someone give it back to Steve!! How will demogorgon die !!!!!

    12. Richard Bennett

      sounds stupid as fk zombies taking over the world and the town fool is wanting to rob a bank for usless money

    13. Jonathan Springer (VSC-KGD-MB) (VSC-KGD-MB)

      This actually looks very good!

    14. S H

      If there had been an zombie apocalypse, 50m wouldn't worth much.

    15. Hello Dankness My Old Friend

      1:50 Imagine if this was Deathstroke vs Batman. God, Snyder could really handle fight scenes.

    16. R•Ø•B

      How come Hollywood are making the zombies smarter and deadlier than before!?!?! Sh*t the Zombie movie era has evolve.

    17. gris186

      Lmao this looks so incredibly bad its probably awesome

    18. Sheytopia

      Matthias Schweighöfer in Hollywood!!! YAAASSSSS!!!! GO MATTHIAS!

    19. MonetizedYaY

      "Lets go, in and out, 20 minute adventure"

    20. Gimpygamer

      Glad to see the zombie trend is still undead

    21. William Payne

      What a dumb idea

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        Ya u being in this world

    22. Barbara Sales

      suicide squad + world war z = army of the dead

    23. Luke G

      Yay no Waner Brothers to F*** it up. Netflix for the win :)

    24. Emre Doğukan FIRAT

      when will we see gay-vegan zombies Netflix ?

    25. VV smokes

      Da shit bangin

    26. Tisha Gonzalez

      Aahhh yes another of zombies bite and more bitcoin passive income what a lovely day 😎

    27. Parzival SA

      I think some people are thinking " they are smarter" means "einstein level smarter"🙄

    28. vliduu zeeb

      2:13 . Huma Qureshi makes her debut in a Hollywood movie that too in Zack Snyder's army of dead with Batista. That's a proud moment for us Indians.

    29. Vin D


    30. IRv Legend

      Is this a sequel to dawn of the dead From 2004?

      1. Parzival SA

        No :(

    31. Harshil Sumra

      It totally brings new flavor to zombie movies

    32. zeroize852

      Tig Notaro in a major Hollywood zombie action flick just blew my mind

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Holy Crap. Is this the continuation of George A. Romero's Dead series?

    33. ロー


    34. Dark Knight

      At this point, Zack Snyder itself is a genre.

    35. Mahfuj Sheikh

      So happy for batista, grew up watching him in wwe from his raw days to smackdown champion and to see him in such a massive variety of movies made by top class directors like Gunn, snyder, mendes, villenueve brings a smile to my face


      This don’t look bad

    37. Emmanuel Xzel

      Anything Zack Snyder I click

    38. maulCS

      This is going to be disappointing as hell, mark my words.

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        Oh isn't this the same thing people said before snydercut?

    39. Phillip Leech

      Save Bub!

    40. FD VII

      The Walking Dead, but zombies are smarter, faster and organized.....also the tiger is a zombie this time.

    41. Michael Castro

      So these zombies got the White-Walker Army of the dead thing going on

    42. Destructor TV

      Im loving this and my real name is scott ward

    43. The Defector

      the way the zombies act remind me of I am legend

    44. Freelancer.Dreamer


    45. Whizzbanga

      Looks fkn sik, can't wait.

    46. Randall Roña

      Holy Crap. Is this the continuation of George A. Romero's Dead series?

    47. erkziltonz

      damn this actually looks sick.

    48. A l l a h u a k b a r M u a m a r

      Its like from the movie " The Peninsula"

    49. ilham rio


    50. muhammed shijas


    51. Sandeep Krishna

      1:27 Damn!!!!!

    52. ImakijTV

      Damn Batista!! One of the best wrestler turn actors

    53. Moritz H

      Matthias ?

    54. Juli Ane

      Tig ❤️

    55. Yash Mehra

      Huma Qureshi enter Hollywood! 2:12

    56. MCW J

      The Pay is good, they said.

    57. N Sankeerth Urk17ec206

      Oh my God it's awesome

    58. Ok

      At least he got a role that's normal. I'm happy for Dave.

    59. su Vee

      Zack Snyder needs Oscar now.

    60. Hemi Life

      The first season better include the zombies cause I'm gonna be pissed if it just includes the planning of the robbery.

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        This is the trailer for first only

    61. A Ali

      cant act

    62. Gabriel Gonzalez

      Damn it sucks that Chris D’elia ain’t gonna be in this 😔

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        Maybe he'll be in next one

    63. Vikas Choudhary

      This is going to be epic 🙌🙌

    64. Hi Im Spy

      Gonna miss Chris Delia in this. 😭🤣

    65. B grg

      what a crock of shite

    66. Aman kumar

      Peninsula's maxed out edition (ft. Drax)

    67. Andrew Charitoglou

      i call a massive flop!!let's wait and see!!

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        @Andrew Charitoglou but its a new story

      2. Andrew Charitoglou

        @ANMATRIX Reviews we have seen a lot of accomplished directors over time take massive flops to films that the trailer was just amazing!! I think that even the most talented and visionary director can't save a production without good screenwriters and editors alike,especially if the whole idea of the film is based on reheated and reserved over and over through time!!!What the industry is missing at least for 10 years is new stories!!

      3. Dinesh

        Keep crying

      4. ANMATRIX Reviews

        Oh people said Zack Snyder's justice League could be a flop and it turned to be the highest streamed movie. Say that to any director. Zack Snyder's movies can't flop, especially not this.

    68. Sarath Banda

      Guttha ramp

    69. YT Fan

      Oh Good!, they finally made a bad L4D2 live action film.

    70. Remas9047

      Can anyone recommend some good shows or movies on Netflix? I don’t know what to watch.

    71. Nikki N

      At first I thought it was an actual heist and was like "what do they mean by army of the dead?" 😂

    72. iitsNatioN

      I think it's citizen/people of the dead

    73. Hawaii Living


    74. ku akmal

      Is this state of survival series? BTW it is good trailer

    75. reneesh pulparambil

      2:13 Huma Qureshi😳

    76. huexley Yannick

      Hiroyuki Sanada = Instant good movie

    77. Khuram Khan

      So this is why John Dorie died!

    78. Eigenweiz


    79. N Bien

      May 21, will have a blast on my b-day!

    80. AiYing He

      imagine Ash from evil dead pops in at the ending credits 'WELL HELLO MR. FANCY PANTS"

    81. Arko Chatterjee

      one question: WHO TF BIT THE TIGER?????!!!????

    82. Arjanator

      "From Zack Snyder" I'm sold

    83. ACE 96

      I came here for david bautista 💪

    84. El Huron

      George A. Romero things haven't been the same since you left.

    85. Godly 1111

      Kenny Roger - gambler still one of my favorite Rest In Peace Kenny

    86. TheCESAR121

      Not ganna support it due to Chris not being in it.

      1. TheCESAR121

        @ANMATRIX Reviews my bad you probably don't know he was in the intire movie and they cut him out.

      2. TheCESAR121

        @ANMATRIX Reviews he's hilarious would have made the movie great but they took him out for bs.

      3. ANMATRIX Reviews

        @TheCESAR121 so why are u not gonna support because he's not in. There are way many in it

      4. TheCESAR121

        @CPM3 Chris D'Elia

      5. CPM3

        Who tf is Chris?

    87. Proddut Das

      all characters looks like custom-made characters from video game.

    88. Swagger BOB LEE


      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        Well they were in all great zombie movies 'I am legend' And it's way better and realistic. Zombies are humans controlled by something else, not snails

      2. Parzival SA

        Well they CAN in IZOMBIE🙄

    89. Avinesh Rathore

      Wait if they are smarter, why don't they just get out instead of being kept here.

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        How would they, it's walled off.

    90. Ishu Sagar

      What is HUMA QURESHI doing here?? 😂

    91. AL Games Indonesia

      Om Batista makin tampan aja unch unch

    92. Jorey Blake

      This looks horrible.

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews


    93. Nahichaiye69 -

      Finally something good ,Bollywood ki maa ka bhsodha

      1. CPM3

        This is Hollywood lol!

    94. bushandblair

      i've been looking forward to this movie for years, after watching the trailer - NOT ANYMORE .... we don't need "smart walkers"....

      1. ANMATRIX Reviews

        Huh. U like weak snails over this? Cringe Also every good zombie movie has smart zombies 'I am legend' I don't think you even know what zombies are.

    95. FistNsis

      the new cod zombies trailer looks lit

    96. Vipper XL

      I see dave Batista I like

    97. Vicente Sampedro Burgos

      I want a game based on this

    98. denis197534

      This look bananas....i love it

    99. Prabha Rajamohan

      Batista looks awesome

    100. Shredded Indian

      Huma qureshi???