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  1. Stacy Whorton

    If the song sugar we’re going down isn’t going to be in any of the episodes I’m going to be mad

  2. Ariana Díaz

    Amo que hayan dejado a Marcela Guirado interpretar a la Vero Castro, en la serie de Luis Mi y en la de Selena, muy bien

  3. theylied1776

    I love this show so damn much. I've watched the first season at least 10 times by now. My favorite part is from the first season when Michelle is explaining Pulp Fiction.

  4. Heba Rhahla

    I love noah

  5. 2120musiclover


  6. shesh Smith


  7. Rodrigo

    Watch this on LSD

  8. me myself

    Moritz is such a crybaby. Don't like his character at all.

  9. david smith

    Guess this is what happened to Louis when she thought Superman was dead

  10. Kennia Soriano


  11. RobotMauk

    Can’t wait for my next trip

  12. VIKRAM

    It's obvious 5 because he has lots of experience

  13. Tawhid Alexander

    Need omni man on part 2 massively . . . 👽

  14. Tyrece Smith

    This literally a remake of date night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey

  15. M YT

    si esta serie tan mala puede tene una secuela porque no sacan la continuaacion de midhunter que si vale la pena

  16. Sibling Wars

    I’m here again for probably the hundredth time, I need a season 4! I just need one! I love the show so much, it taught such amazing lessons and wonderful messages. It was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the trash shows on Netflix! I’ve signed the petition, wrote comments underneath videos! Does anyone have any other ideas on what I can do? Write emails or something?? Because I will do anything!

  17. Max Ss


  18. Angelyn Malone

    Wow 123 dislikes

  19. Parzival


  20. That Ferb Guy

    Not a fan of these.. but looks promising

  21. Max Ss

    Netflix at cheap price who want msg me

  22. dilip kumar

    Only 8_Episodes...😔

  23. A.D. Jackson

    I love when comedians do dramatic roles. Definitely shows that they have range. Congrats to Lil Rel and Kevin Hart for this one. It’s going to be a genuine hit.

  24. Mathabo Pheladi

    I can’t stop listening to this song

  25. Jake Dela Cruz

    This is all we've been waiting for finally

  26. danny d

    Really, this scene was so out of place. Yall are suckers for thinking this was a cool scene.

  27. Huang Chiao

    Any chance to see V wars season 2? It's a pity that people can't see the following story.

  28. Leesa Unique

    I’m right hereeee bayyybeeeee 🥰🥰♥️

  29. Cathy Nest

    Her voice and face is so different! So cute!

  30. Ras Putin

    Saw the volume 1 just recently and I was hooked esp with the Secret War, now I want more....

  31. Pam

    Dean was the best <3 but Rory...

  32. Carrie Campbell

    Lol...with all these comments...I still have to watch it to see how it ends😂

  33. Josh Morris

    EVE IS BACK!?!?!?!?!?!? HELLO?????

  34. yopiee

    oldschool vibe anime! sick.

  35. Ray Mack

    Snyder cut was Mediocre just like his rabid fanbase

  36. Elle Does

    I should have not watched the trailer because now I have no desire to watch the movie anymore. They revealed just way too much.

  37. Eli Tavarez

    In my opinion, neither of them are horrors. They are both ghost stories that have some scary moments. But they also show real human issues that the characters struggle with. Love, betrayal, pain, and letting go. I loved both of them.

  38. thelizardqueen

    Features dead Angela. Don’t bring it up again

  39. selfish encountered


  40. Winsas The Royal

    Zima Blue will always be my favorite.

  41. Poncho Palito

    Lol really copying the original which is dota, that's why lol always and will always be 2nd.💯😆

  42. Andde Mendez

    Trixie and Katya WE LOVE! The music and transition song is not a ding song.

  43. Rocio Rodriguez

    Me wncanto el papel de Chris y Sussette

  44. Abasi-ono Umobong

    Is this the same as eden zero?? Or is this a different thing entirely

  45. Parker ASMR

    directed by WHO.... im definitely watching this now

  46. Madison Trahan

    Omg yesss I have been dying to watch this since it premiered in Japan I hope they have it in Japanese as well!!!😁

  47. LaPulgaM

    In Español ????

  48. bdhdhdb njdhdh


  49. TheCorpseParty

    freakin love 2021!

  50. Dan Oven

    Flash: which earth is this supposed to be? Oh my god is that a little kid with antlers

  51. cat girl life

    When will it finally come out

  52. Abhishek


  53. Mondonna Deldgie

    I thought it was Adam Sandler with Shailene in the thumbnail and temporarily lost my mind.

  54. Ali Schiller

    Sorry for everybody who hasn't watch this show yet

  55. WARwithPC

    Nice.. just 2 days to go

  56. James Gurung

    This gonna make me cry

  57. Olivia  Martin

    As a Cuban-American, this brought tears to my eyes

  58. SaM

    I think honestly that the fight scenes are mediocre and fake

  59. Mariyana Shiva DY

    Awesome 👍

  60. damasviews

    I've tried liking Kevin so much...for years...not genuine in his comedy. I will watch this though. Looks like i better grab the tissues.

  61. Éden Cloutier


  62. Silas Colley

    This looks terrible



  64. G Hussain

    Reminds me of a manga called heart gear

  65. ap al

    Netflix and their fuckin cgi shit fests

  66. Liheng Wang

    they can't make these movies now so they make a movie about making a movie

  67. Jaimie_Lynn ✨💋

    Good to see Aiden with his Five hair again

  68. Rachanne Nabong


  69. Kevin Coutinho

    Only 8 ep?! Come on!

  70. Roca LeMore


  71. Indiasinha2

    I am READY.

  72. Matt from Wii sports

    Always remember the ELITE 6 versions of rebelde way: 🇦🇷 🇲🇽 🇵🇹 🇮🇳 🇨🇱 🇧🇷 This new version will ruin the reputation of Rebelde Way. The english speaking viewers will watch this new one on Netflix (They love the foreign netflix shows) and it will most likely go viral like “Money heist” or “Elite” did. The old generation versions of rebelde way will be forgotten :(

  73. Damien Scott

    I'm 100% sure that the main reason why he did it is because she posted every single moment they have together on Facebook. Like who makes a photo of your loved one sleeping with a stupid face and puts it on the Internet other than a complete psychopath?

  74. Laurent Linh

    damnn~~ this is all I want to max my character and farming all events

  75. Rachel Kim

    Well I guess I'm watching it with subs

  76. Alexa Grace

    i'll go with both 🥺🤍

  77. Ben M.


  78. Sushi Shawn

    why does this animation style remind me of rooster teeth's?

  79. Kriston Campbell

    I love Lupin totally dope show!!! Just when I thought they couldn’t do any better they feature Nas!!!!! You talking about somebody waiting in anticipation, let’s gooooo!!!